Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Pots and telescope at Castle Hill Pottery (see side bar)

Campers that blog: part 3. Wales

Finally caught up with Lois, who lives Far Far Away
in the land of historic battle re-enactments and quality roadkill.
Yes folks it's called the Countryside.

Lucky them. They live on an archaeological hillside with no
KFC's lining their peripheral vision. Lucky them
they can actually breath without increasing their cancer risk by 30%.
Lucky all of us while we were there. We could see stars.

We built a cairn on Castle Hill and in the gathering gloom it took
the shape of an ancient cloaked king, arms folded.
Watching us as we shook earwigs from our sleeping bags
and failed to light waterproof matches.

Watching as our camp fire sent sparks to dance with shooting stars.....

And as we snored, empty Murphy's cans as pillows... a thousand warriors
slept under the hill.....

So - what do you do all day in Wales?

If you are Lois and Tony you do great drawing and make cool pots -
(having learned your skills from French potters.)
you also look after Billy and Kate who are four. 
You get to eat the veg you've grown and the eggs your 
hens have laid.

People visit you expecting Shangri - La ( actually it was
when we where there) - but it's raining and anyway you have to

The visitors remove their thornproof tweeds and settle down to
watch Spongebob Squarepants with the kids.

We are under no illusion. Life's what you make it.

I would give anything for that sky.
But I quite like being able to buy Japanese vinegar
from the corner shop.

Bye says Billy, cheerily.

'See you at Halloween.'

Scary fanged people head back to London.

Back to popcorn
and  another Pixar film.
It's raining here too.....


Bloggers that camp: Part 2 - Our tent in Tony and Lois's back garden. Cnwclas, Powys (from Castle Hill)

Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Bloggers that Camp. Part 1: Gathering of the Clans

Well we've got the family toothbrush and the family towel.
Got the meths stove and the old guitar....

Heading off on that blue highway.

Here's one we did earlier......