Friday, 26 September 2008

The Mighty Bush. Wall St. Crash and Bash

George we'll start with you. How the mighty have fallen. It's all your fault. Yep - that everybody has to work themslves into wan bleached out existance just to survive and ends up living on the knife edge of sanity. Being a Wall Street banker right now must be great. At last you are released from greed to go and keep sheep (or something with Kevin Costner in it.) Someone has to take the blame - and this month it's your turn, President Boosh. In July it was China - but then the Olympics were so much fun we forgot all about His Holiness the Dalai Lama and the Damage Done. Who he? Funny old fusspot with glasses.  Anyway they ain't rich so it don't matter wot happens to Tibetans. 

...and now for Something (not quite) Completely Different.

All Secondary Schools are equal. But some are more equal than others. Don't go there you will be punched and become stupid. Do go here. It's all shiny and the teachers have nice hair.... 3 years later - entire reversal of opinion.

Fickle, Lemming like flock of parents topple over educational cliff to intellectual death and middle class alcoholism. And no, your job probably isn't safe. Particularly if you collide particles.

Now that the Cern Giant, as it were - (now there's a person with problems) has broken. What will happen? They can't all be getting their soldering irons out. Must be some element of redundancy.

Thank goodness somebody, probably God, sabotaged it before we all ended up in a strange screaming Francis Bacon world of anti-matter where it rains donuts.

How do you get Protons to stay in a tunnel anyway? If they are that teensy why don't they just jostle between the metal molecules to Proton Freedom? Please answer this genuine question !

So they whizzed round getting faster and faster. When they got very fast they got heavy. Then they were going to be bashed together. A bit like Crashing and Bashing. A game played with die cast matchbox model cars by, as I recall , seven year old boys.  

I think we could learn a lot but  "There's a hole in my neighbourhood down which, of late. I cannot help but fall."  Frankly, Elbow, with a sentence as clumsy as that, you deserve it. 

I'm off to do some hoovering.