Saturday, 21 July 2007

Real Life/Virtual Life - and that interesting space between them

Go on get a (Cyber) life!

I'd been saying it for days but the other life.
So called real one, wouldn't shut up - so I couldn't hear
myself think. When you try and print out, and it's not
working - and you get a queue. Then it works and 
suddenly you have 20 pictures of a Cat that Looks
like Hitler because the computer can't stop itself.

Now real life can be like that. 

I couldn't stop.

And on one of the evenings that I couldn't stop
I found myself gazing at Mark E Smith's ravaged
features at the Carling Academy, Islington.

The Fall  - at Angel. Ha.

Those Smiths of Rock. How very fabulous they are.
Bessie, Patti , THE Smiths, Mark E -  and do I include
Will? He has done a song. And do Aerosmith count?

You have to be feeling psychically strong. I can understand
this could be dangerous if one is tired or stressed.

If you're feeling chipper though, it makes for a remarkably
good value evening. One of the reasons I do like The Fall
is because, although they've been going since A was too young
to shave - (me too actually) - they haven't sold out and only
want £15 off you.

MES, a cross between Albert Steptoe and Toad of Toad Hall,
lurches about greasily in an ASDA shirt creating
sounds of such inventiveness that one's eyes water.
Very tuneful it is.  Very layered. And very loud in
it's textural intensity.

(What was that Hemingway said about not trusting adjectives?)

You try jumping up and down in a half remembered pogo.
But you are 47 with 3 children and a nectar card - and your
plimsolls stick to the floor. There is beer. There are Germans.
There are people who could be or do almost anything but
probably work with computers. Punks, Bankers, Bakers and
Candlestick makers.

Should I even be here? Isn't it rather sad. No. I belong to the
Patti Smith school of aging and will go on having badges on my
lapels forever.

So - hooray. Though cyber life has been shrivelled and neglected,
Real life is excessive and persistant .... the space between
this world and other worlds... there is music!


Debi said...

Laughing, clapping and pogo-ing with you (while being careful not to damage calf muscle while attempting to unstick plimsoll from floor ...)

Next time I'm not letting you go alone. Imagine if the call of the music had been so strong you couldn't find your way home ... (Ah, yes, imagine - I DEFINITELY want to be with you ...)

Floral Post-It said...

I never thought I could ever be watching the Fall on my things move on, thankyou for showing me this little window into the ether.

So chuffed you were rising and falling stickily with Mark E. and the rest. That sounds unintentionally rude, but was only meant to be a reference to your glutinous footwear.

I think the other life is the real one but sometimes we all need a snooze.

Meloney Lemon said...

Debi - next time I'll stay out all night!

Floral - this little window is due to the Technocreative No.1 boy.

Glad you enjoyed the Infotainment.

Lovely to hear from you. PC looked great.