Friday, 2 November 2007

Joy Division's Greatest Hits (boxed set with free counselling session)

It's all Joy Division innit.
I can honestly say I have had several conversations
about that band from the 80's, this week.

" My favourite song is
 She's Lost Control. " - This came from a seven
year old.

"Hey y'know Joy Division were like a really cool band?"
This came from a thirteen year old.

"Shall we go and see that film about Ian Curtis?"
A forty seven year old said this.

So.  - With depression, suicide, nostalgia and
monotonous base riffs, Joy Division have something
for all the family this Christmas, folks.


JACrow said...

Yep.Summink for everyone. Even grandma said he wore nice slacks. Will there be summink similar for the story of Westlife ...?

Cailleach said...

That sounds like the ideal family Christmas - you have it in a nutshell - something for everyone!

Floral Post-It said...

Remember circa 1980 - a certain house in Reading - all other occupants narrowly avoiding murder of yours truly owing to constant repetitive playing of a certain Joy Division track. I'm still cringing. Younger folks take note - history doesn't have to repeat itself. .....or does it?

Meloney Lemon said...

I think it does ..... purple ceiling etc...

Funnyman Stuart said...

Yep remember it well. I was in a bedsit playing Joy Division at mega decibels when a solicitor type from downstairs pounded on my door. Thought I was going to get a bollocking but solicitor type begged to know name of artiste and album....slightly went off them after that.

Meloney Lemon said...

Funnyman Stuart - I think you are singing in the Raine!