Sunday, 27 January 2008

Ouch - It Burns........

Pete Burns .... Mr Burns (excellent, excellent.)
Rabbie Burns... Whatever.....

This time I didn't liquidise haggis, neeps and tatties and
funnel it down the kids throats. In fact the night itself
went unmarked.

After all, they're a quarter German. And within that whirling
genetic soup float certain similarities.
For instance potatoes, alcohol and dubious meat products
stuffed into some poor unwitting mammal's mucous membrane.
All at once? Surely not but possibly, yes.

The Scots would claim desperation, starvation - an infertile soil
and an inclement climate.

The Germans would look sideways in a folkish way that spoke of
goblins, forests, houses made of sweets and old, old hags that
ate anything, especially children.

The Scots have Kilts. The Germans have Lederhosen.
Scots have Burns. Germans, Rilke.

Scots have a sense of humour (If you ignore the bagpipes and golf.)
Germans have good physicists ( If you ignore the hairstyles.)

Scots, Haggis.
Germans, Wurst.

What is the common denominator?

It's pizza.


Shameless said...

Very funny writing here, ML.

Now, I've searched your blog for an email but couldn't find one. So I will have to leave this message here: the shameless lions are calling!

That's right. Would you be up to writing the next instalment in our collective short story? It doesn't need to be long and you have up until a week. The story is at a wonderful junction, coming near the end. The lead character has just had a major shift. All is to play for. We would love to have you take the story in under your wings. :-)

If you're OK with this, email me at: Check out the writing site for the latest on the story. :-)

Debi said...

Ah - Dulwich also has old, old hags who will eat anything.

I know, for I am one ...