Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Taking Health for Granted

Sorry, everyone I've not blogged as been rather poorly with an orrible illness
that used to be very good at reducing the size of Victorian families.
Some kind of lung thing where you feel as if you've been stabbed every
time you take a breathe - and so drift around in a toxic miasma of
painkillers and antibiotics.Thank heavens for antibiotics.
Or Alexander Fleming (Phlegming) actually, but I expect
he was divinely inspired.  

You could have partied at my blog - but the ambience might have been
 that of old tissues, daytime TV....and me upstairs- mad aunt rats-taily
and wheezing about noise levels.

The point is that one day you can be running the London Marathon
and the next day feeling to weak to pop a Nurofen out of it's plastic

Another of life's little reminders to get on with it while you can.

And thanks everyone who rounded up, fetched and fed small
people. What would I have done without you!


Cailleach said...

Sorry to hear you've not been well, mel, I hope you are much better now. Had we known we would've partied like anything... ;)

let us know the next time you plan not being around and we'll keep it warm for you... and alcohol/woteva fuelled ;)

Debi said...

No we won't! Shhhh - Cailleach - how can you even think of partying with a sickie on the premises?

Now, if you fancy going off for a spot of comvalescence, that would be a very different matter ...

Anonymous said...

Hay I've definitely been partying. Meloney hope you are feeling better now I know how these deseases can take you like the wind on a still sea. I simply have to make a comment even though it is completely irrelevant to your, wot is rathether a briliant blog, ...Please tell A and also tell yourself that I have just got home from a fall gig and i only knew about it because of A's notette on one of my childrens birthday cards.... Oh yay. One is rejuvenated.

Minx said...

I missed a nearly party! How unusual.
Get better now - the Surgeon General demands it.

Meloney Lemon said...

Much better now thanks - and could even face having a party, though perhap only a virtual one. Convalescence would be great. I fancy white beach, palm trees, all that stuff but reality is a coffee down the road. Still, health is back hurrahh!

And R. You sound a tiny bit tipsy to me. Hope you had a glass of water before bed!

Debi said...

Hope that's right, Mel. Fill up on some nourishing soup or summat to pad out those cheeks now.

Debi said...

Wake up and post!

Feel it is my duty to warn you that seemingly abandoned blogs are soon spotted and squatted in these parts.

They're then forced to host wild parties with the mottliest crew in the blogosphere in attendance and where unspeakable 'things' take place ...

You have been warned.