Saturday, 31 March 2007

knock knock. Who's there?

Tonight's the night. You can feel the sonic crackles of

A new series of Dr Who will hit the screen at peak 
viewing time and the only families that won't be watching
are those where the adults spent their 60's childhoods in
Hong Kong or Sao Paolo, haven't a clue what the fuss
is about and didn't spend their Saturday evenings lurking
behind the legendary purple draylon sofa.

Dr Who hysteria is clear psychological evidence of how
parental values influence young children.

This British institution is rooted entirely in the reactionary
nostalgia for all things past that is part of our culture.

....And yes, we'll all be glued to the set, eating fish and chips
round our Victorian fireplace.


Dick Jones said...

And I bloody missed it! Fish & chips I can buy down the road; I do have a Victorian fireplace. But I shan't get another chance at the first episode of the new series until I've seen the rest of them & the repeats begin.

Jan said...

Found your Blog recently and because I enjoyed, I've returned again ...but please tell me MeloneyLemon:
How DID you know I once had a purple dralon sofa??

Anonymous said...

The Doctor never used to be sexy though....shows how our cultural values have shifted.
I thought that lady with the straw was simply terrifying. But honestly, 'genetic transfer' - looked a tiny bit like a snog to me. I think the Doctor has aquired hormones from drinking our water.

Meloney Lemon said...

Hello Dick and Jan...

See Dick and Jan watch TV.

Dick and Jan are behind the sofa.

Look at Dick. Look at Jan.

They are reliving their childhoods.

Hello R. Yes there is more flirting. But then in the days of Patrick Troughton (sp)there were fewer hormones in tapwater.

Jan said...

No, Meloney Lemon, I DIDN'T hide behind the sofa ( the purple one) I ran upstairs ( frightened ) but my brother always shouted after me:" There are witches upstairs!" so I always ran down again very quick and hid behind long green velvet curtains in the darkened diningroom...