Saturday, 5 May 2007

Ghost Jeans.......

.....In that if your ancestors were gold digging, jeans wearing pioneers
out west, you could inherit er, perhaps a liking for baked beans
or a tendency to fart.

Or if your distant desert forefathers had
given their lives to pyramid building, possibly
suffering scorching sun and a limited diet of beer and chicken
you might then be partial to chicken in a basket and half a
shandy on the veranda of your Marbella villa?
(With a dash of green eyeliner)

I was going to explain further and talk about past lives
and deja vu but my daughter just HAS to meet her friends
on Club Penguin. Sheesh maleesh...Now those Arctic

So if you want to know more you can. Just look up
'Epigenetics' and 'Ghost Genes'.

Go on then.


Floral Post-it said...

I bought some Jeans on Ebay. They are Toast jeans (Oh shut up Meloney - i know, but its OK this time because I don't think Virginia Woolf wore denim). SO, ...are my Toast jeans Ghost Jeans and is that why I have an uncharacteristic need to wear a hoody with them, when normally hoodies are outside my sartorial comfort zone? Should I contact the previous owner ask if I am absorbing her genetic material?

Meloney Lemon said...

Floral post-it, I think you have been watching too much Dr Who. The need for a hoody could be connected to the Northerly geography of your chosen habitat..

Debi said...

I thought deja vu was a glitch in the matrix ...

Meloney Lemon said...

Deja vu IS a glitch in the matrix. But they had to make us rationalise it, so they gave us a scientific explanation..which I could choose to go with as 'human beings cannot bear too much reality'
( T.S Eliot )

Debi said...

Hmmmm - some things are better off left unknown, eh?

Cailleach said...

I was jureading about eipigenetics yesterday in the Sunday Times!
Serendipity - yay!