Saturday, 5 May 2007

Monster Moths From Mars Ate My Past

For weeks, months, the house has been full of teeny silver moths
fluttering about their mothy business.

I found out their evil plot.

Opened an innocent looking army holdall.
In it I keep my collection of ethnic and historic textiles.
There is a long, indigo Gambian dress.
Bedouin embroidery.
Rajasthani mirror work.
An Afghan gold threaded table cover.
Tibetan woven apron.
My old bedroom curtains from when I was 6.
Some pieces of 1930's silk
Pieces of material that I just liked the pattern of.
Bits of Turkish kelim.
An Indian sari, block printed with vegetable

All ruined.

I unzipped the bag. A cloud of the little bastards
hit me in the face. There lay my shredded past
in a mass of frass and moths at every stage
of development. Vacated, gossamer cocoons,
grubs and full up, healthy looking, contented adults.

Well it was curtains for them - but not
as they knew it.
Yes this was definitely a lesson in letting go of worldly
objects. The transience of all things....
( which is why I think I gave up Textile Conservation
as a career several years ago.)

Anyway, I gave them Ariel hell in the Hotpoint.
Full voltage UV on the washing line. 

I don't care. I'll get over it. I've learnt the lesson.
But now I fear I may come back as a moth.


Mamma Moth said...


You won't come back as a moth because you have already been one. We didn't like you then!

Goodbye, and thanks for all the silk.

baby moths said...

Aggghhhh! Too hot ... too wet ... too late ...

Minx said...

Conniving Children from the Land of Playstation Ate My Curry - they will pay, the twonks!

Cailleach said...

I love that word - twonk.

It says in one word what could take at least a day to express.

Minx said...

Hmm, 'twonk' and 'numpty' are my favourite non-rude words. They are versatile, fit many occasions and can be whipped out when other words just won't do the job. I won't list my favourite rude ones, we could be here all night.

Debi said...

If you've got one mothball in one hand, and another mothball in the other, what have you got?

A bloody huge moth of course ...

Minx said...