Friday, 9 February 2007

Something and Nothing

Been away for a while. P.C says it can't read the C drive.
Does not recognise itself. I think this could be curtains.
Am prepared for the worst.
Anyone have any advice or techy words of comfort for
a dying computer
It is going out. It may be some time.

Anyway......I'm sure people are going to do daft things
to save the planet.
Like this idea of releasing some sort of shiny particles
into the stratosphere. Why? To deflect the sun away from
the ice caps. All I can imagine is permanent gloom. We
maybe saved from climate change - but it'll be really
Or building huge billion dollar orbiting disco mirrors.
Another great idea from Fat Boy Slim and Norman NASA
We were going to colonise another planet or invent time
travel, but we didn't have the imagination. (Too much
Playstation.) Instead we worked out how
to speed up built-in obsolescence in washing machines
and computers.


Shameless said...

Have I been here before? I know I meant to, after Debi's intro. Shame on me. I will link to you if you're hanging around and the computer's not being buried. I've enjoyed your posts ... I know it's late but I thought of Lozenge for Orange. Does that count? :)

Minx said...

Hmm, teccy words of comfort..

Well, as I am an expert in this field, I believe that PC is suffering multi-directional-dyspeptic-connumeration (it's fucked) buy another one.
Oh, and if it's going out, could it pick up a packet Wethers Originals and a pint of milk, please.

pee ess - I have a bubble machine - will this help?

Debi said...

Ooooh you're so bloody clever, Ms Lemon - I wonder sometimes how you came to be my friend ...

I knew blogging would be a good medium for you - and now the damn technology is scared of your power and trying to deter you. Don't let it! It's just a test ...

Alternatively it's that pre-teen of yours ensuring only he can use the pooter. Or maybe scary twin's baby puked on it. Or skate boy's head banged on the keyboard ...

Meloney Lemon said...

It's not a test it's just that it's quite an old computer - as these things go. And I'm not clever. If I was I would tap a few buttons and the whole thing would be back to normal.

Hallo, Shame you haven't made it here before - Less said the better. Lovely to see you but if lozenge rhymes with orange - then so does Stonehenge.... ( cue witchy comments....)

Debi - I think you are right about the kids...I shall try to be a better parent. Now children, two hours of Latin, a little falconry and then we must away to our chambers to continue our embroidery... Don't you stick that finger up at me young man, or you'll be emptying every chamber pot in the palace...(Woman lives in a dream world!)

Is that semi skimmed?

Debi said...


Upgrade computer, children, life, energy levels ... 'Tis the only way.

Minx said...

Semi-skimmed - yes please, if it's not too much bother.

As for the children - the council run these respite homes where other people will look after your children for you, free of charge. Thought about getting mine fostered out when they made unreasonable demands about using the computer.
The solution, eventually, was to take out a third mortgage (the second had gone on clothing them and feeding their unreasonable food habits)and buy one each. At least now we don't get any diseases from porn sites!

Cailleach said...

EeeuuuW - diseases from porn sites...

Hope your 'puter probs get sorted soon Mel-lem! I hate when mine stars making 'whirr-click' noises, it means I've got to open up the side of it and give it a thump. Used to work a treat on the telly!

Debi said...

We've spent hours trying to connect up the damn Playstation! I swear I haven't put a hex on it - at least not knowingly. If I have hidden powers they're very well hidden - even I don't know about them ...

Cailleach - maybe it's just as well I don't hear the whirr clicks. I'm tempted to open up the sides of certain people and give them a good thump though.

Debi said...

And look! You've managed to get paintings and stuff up on your left hand side. I can't even access my left hand side ...

Get well soon. I think it's nearly time for the site meter tutorial ...

Meloney Lemon said...

Bin and gone and done a site meter. So I thought. Where did it go? - For the tiny while it was up it told me I'd had OOOO visitors.

Debi said...

It lied! Try again?