Friday, 2 February 2007

Teenage Pregnancy

From the corner of my eye, I see a small girl cradling
a 2 month old.
Now, not only can I NOT get to the computer, listen to
Steve Reich, cook searingly hot South Indian food,
collect glass animals or take class A drugs,
I also have to be quiet in case I wake the baby.
The children have had children.What madness is this?
Most people have grown out of dolls by the age of
6. When you are approaching 9 and serious about burping and
4 hourly feeds - one's scalp begins to tingle......
Chillingly, the Baby Annabel wears the same gear H
was taxied home in from St Thomas's. Premature girl
twin Church wives knitted pink polyester bobble hat. 
How easy it is to produce an Eraserhead atmosphere
of domestic unease....
Now she's putting it  to bed.
Baby Annabel snores her recorded snores in bed with
her mummy.
'Don't you think she might keep you awake?'
'No, I'll take her batteries out - and look mum
her dummy glows in the dark!'

....And while on the subject of dolls, teenagers and plastic,
does anyone think Amy Winehouse resembles a Bratz doll?
(or is it the other way round.)


Cailleach said...

Oh, for a moment there I thought that one of the children had had a baby! You scared me!
On the subject of Baby Annabel, the snoring is okay. It's when these dolls wee all over things and poo over their clothes, because the one and only nappy that came with them got very soggy very quickly... which necessitates a quick wash in the machine along with 6 million paris of girl pants... because you can't quite justify putting on a wash for just a mini-babygro... you see in our house we've been doing the girl-doll thing, 'like, foreva!'
And yes, Amy Winehouse does look like a bratz doll, but don't tell them...!

Minx said...

I didn't make girls and I am trying to sell me Feckers on the blog at present - bad mother.

Amy Winehouse? Bratz? Yes! But they can't sing - yet.

Cailleach said...

I'm trying to sell the males too. They are driving me nuts - bad mother too!

Debi said...

Seriously spooky. And there was I thinking Playstation was a Bad Thing.