Saturday, 21 April 2007

The Potala Palace (not)

A  new term in the hallowed portals of learning.

In the cool, labrynthine depths of this temple to education,
young children are being schooled in life by wise, patient sages.
A mountain breeze wafts the sweet scent of sandalwood
through still, orderly rooms where peace and contemplation
pervade. Children sit calmly, alert to instruction from their
venerable elders......

A ragged croak breaks the silence. Could it be the cry of a
bald Eagle? Or perhaps a Snow Leopard on heat.

'How dare you talk in line!
Do that again and you'll be missing playtime for the rest
of the week.....'

Outside coloured prayer flags flutter like butterflies
on the bodhi tree
'..and whoever dropped that litter can stay in at break'

A football slams against the flyblown staffroom window.
' The year 6's are playing up again'.

The ancient stone architraves of this cliff top edifice
frame the ice capped purity of the sacred Kailash.
Below, voices. Students eloquently debating
a philosophical point......

' Oi minger! '
' Loser '
' Double loser '

'.for it is only by shedding our ego that we can realise
the illusory nature of existance..'

' Can of Red Bull dahn the park anyone? '

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Debi said...

Hang on ... I recognise this place ...

Big big thanks to all and the other Lemons for your marathon support yesterday. Hugely appreciated as ever.