Saturday, 7 April 2007

What do they teach them at school?

The Easter bunny is a genetically manipulated animal
with the the DNA of a hare, chicken, cow, cocoa bean
and sugar cane. A small, long eared mammal that lays
chocolate eggs.
Now what would happen if it escaped from the lab?

Short (very) story competition for 8 year olds and
over. Enter in comments.


Jan said...

Oh dear.
What a pity.
I am only 7.
However I am 8 tomorrow.
If I have time ( hopefully) perhaps I can enter your competition.
Thankyou Ms. Meloney Lemon.

Anonymous said...

Not much. The Easter Bunny would hop around for a while and then a fate similar to that of the Golden Goose would befall it.

Debi said...

Miss. Miss! That Jan just stole my comment. No fair ...

Esmerelda Mininata G&T (gifted and talented) said...

The Ronald MacDonald theory of Prehemispherical Pressures and Conditioned Behaviours of Mythical Creatures states that Mr E. Bunny would not stand a hope in hell in the outside world. His overfandangled conduberators have been enbizzled by tri-ambulatory neon forces and he would therefore be squished by the first carbunculated humpwagon that crossed his path.

Floral Post-it said...

Chocolate stew I guess.

PS as other anonymouses have discovered your illustrious blog, I am attempting to assume an identity. Meloney, this is me the other mel, you know, R. Lemon frae the granite city with the soft centre.

Debi said...

Wow - that other Mel is really clever for an 8 yr old ...

Meloney Lemon said...

The world would quite soon be overun with rabbits and chocolate, which due to global warming would mean melted chocolate. Humanity would be stumbling around in a sea of sticky brown gloop. Not with a bang but with a slurrp!

Yup I've entered my own competition. Hoping for more entries so as can move on. Easter being OVER. Esmerelda - I think you've won. Prize is huge refrigerator to keep chocolate in.

Esmerelda Mininata g&t (gifted and talented) said...

One would hope that we are talking Smeg here. There are no other cooling devices that keep chocolate at the ambient temperature needed for pleasurable consumption (or so my coach, The Minx, tells me - often).

Meloney Lemon said...

Pink Smeg on it's way - or would you prefer purple with siver stars?

Sinceresimo congratulatoramius.

...Hey R Lemon. Sounds Mexican to me, the chocolate stew.

floral post-it said...

Yeah, its got chilli in it as well as bunnychoc, and it only tastes good if you wear a sombrero while stirring unforgivingly.

Debi said...

I quite like the idea that the world would be covered with melted chocolate. Anyway, the Smeg wouldn't work with all that choccy glooping up the wires.

Maybe we could all camp out in the Smeg when we need a break from the chocolate.

Minx said...

Did someone mention camping? I'll have a gin then.