Saturday, 20 January 2007

Interesting yet unrelated facts

 In September 2006, ten million websites were being
censored by the Iranian authorities. Many bloggers 
were arrested.

School catering staff get paid for the number of meals
they prepare each day.

No word in the English language rhymes with
Orange, Silver or Purple.
(prove me wrong)


Minx said...

There are many bloggers who should be arrested - but we don't belong to that group, no we don't!

Debi said...

Orange - chloringe (the stuff they bung in swimming pools to make your eyes sore).

Silver - pilver (a knitted garment you wear while polishing the family heirlooms).

Purple - shmurple (a common Yiddishism for witch's garb).

Honestly, Meloney. I thought you KNEW these things!

Minx said...

She lies. A Shmurple (pronounced Shmer-pull)are six-fingered, armpit length mittens used for retrieving floppy nan breads from the bottom of a clay oven. Known as Shmers, these undercooked flatbreads are then used to mould new linings for the shoes of one-legged pilver knitters - duh!

Debi said...

I bow to your wisdom, oh great one ...

Hey look - Meloney's out. Fancy a party? We can call it a blogwarming ...

Meloney Lemon said...

Chloringe.... (you have unfair insider knowledge!)

Pilver= bollocks nevererdofit!

To "Schmerpel"... To post short but inflammatory comments in a blogger's blog box - usually with the help of the scrabble dictionary.

The Moon Topples said...


Your blog is very enjoyable so far. Hope you stick with it. I've added a link to your page so that I can keep up.

There are words that rhyme with other colors, though, aren't there?

Aren't there?

Cailleach said...

Purple - worple... ah, how about whirlpool, not strictly a true rhyme but a possibility, maybe?

I'm putting you on my blogroll too, I'm fed up trying to find you!

Minx said...

Did somebody say party?

Meloney Lemon said...

Some body did say party.
And what rhymes with "party"?
Not allowed to start with letter F - too obvious.
Altogether now.................

Anonymous said...

I think cringe rhymes with oringe. Spurtle rhymes with purple. Jean says burple rhymes with purple, and Sam says with perfect teenage logic that silver rhymes with silver.

We're all glaikit up here, ken min fit like havin awa!

bye R Lemon

Debi said...

Right. The party. Forget the rhymes and start planning. I can do the cake and get the recreationals in ...

Debi said...

PS Get into your template and start linking to all these people!

soubriquet said...

Orange, maybe not, forints, (coins)
there's a surname, Gorringe, as in Gorringe Park, in north London.
silver=elver, salver, salvor.


Naughty Debi, naughty. There's no g in chlorine..

kato said...

tyger,tyger burning bright
that little boy is yours,right?