Wednesday, 3 January 2007

Nappy New Year

In with the new. Baby Ed born within earshot of waves crashing on Brighton
 And out with the old. Old friends older parents and older parents old friends
 taken by that eternal tide.
A final text message blinking on the knocked about Nokia.
Christmas and other deep midwintwer (but unseasonably warm) festivals of
 striplight and shopping thankfully over, I can go back under the covers til
at least half eight, when woken sweetly by ball of wrestling, screeching children.
R has returned to Aberdeen, where they had to defrost the plane
before takeoff, and found she didn't need her bearskins and plaids in London afterall.
Holbein (a Christmas present) was brilliant.
So now, unfashionably reactionary, I declare there is more Art in John Moore's
right arm than in Turner Prize offerings. Can relate to 16th Century better than 21st .
Could be that space/time rift. Must do more drawing. Use it or lose it.
If I put Ritalin in their spag bog, would they sit for a portrait? No - instead
sketch " Man With Can of McEwans Export Watching Life of Brian".
" He's not the Messiah. He's a very naughty boy!"


Debi said...

I can see youououououo ...

Minx said...

Hi there Meloney Lemon. Welcome to Blogworld - a bit like a Sims family really only apparently these people are real!!!

See Alper has linked you up - will do likewise.

Debi said...

2 comments already! You're coming right in at the deep end but it's ok - we're all here to catch you ...

Cailleach said...

Hi Meloney - you sound busy already!

Anonymous said...

Hi Meloney
Sam says your background is cool and chose the black spotty mug while jean went for the red stripey, leaving me with the red spotty, my favourite anyway. Have just spent three hours sucking pine needles off the carpet.
R. or indeed, the other M.Lemon

Meloney Lemon said...

Hi all, thanks for the warm welcome to the astral plane. Hope to do it justice. Hello R Lemon. How RU? Enjoy your Dutch gin out of the spotty cup. Auld Lang Syne etc.